Merik Hot dip Galvanizing Unit

With a  production capacity of more than 30,000 tons per year using EN and ASTM international standards and a full set of equipment  and providing a letter of quality guarantee, this unit can provide hot dip galvanizing services for different types of metal structures. This group was also honored to receive the National Standard Mark of Galvanized Covering in 2016 thanks to its efforts to improve quality This unit can also procure different types of profiles and pipes ( water supply, industrial, and greenhouse )in different sizes, lengths, and thicknesses of the galvanized type and in black



Facilities & Equipements of Hot Dip Galvanizing Unit:

- Fully-equipped chemical laboratory to control the quality of raw materials and products

- Pickling, preparation, and pre-heating section

- Molten zinc Kettles made by Pilling Company from Germany in dimensions of 150×120×700,150×120×450

- The most modern devices to control and record temperature

- Quality control section to carry out necessary tests in accordance with international standards

- Research and development section

- Finishing and packaging section


Benefiting from experience experts in the production of consumables related to pickling, this

company’s chemical unit fully monitors the pickling operation in  the hot dip galvanizing line,

which improves the quality of the pieces that are produced and distinguishes us from our opponents.




-              Galvanizing different types of industrial pipes in different sizes and thicknesses starting from 1.5 inches

-              Galvanizing different types of Mannesmann pipes in different sizes and categories

-              Galvanizing different types of electrical pipes (PG)

-              Galvanizing different types of profiles for greenhouse industries

-              Galvanizing different types of power transfer, telecommunication, and telescope towers

-              Galvanizing different types of equipment and metal structures used in refinery, petrochemical, and

  power station industries

-              Galvanizing equipment of high voltage substations, different types of light pillars, and different types

  of metal structures for roads (traffic barriers)

-              Galvanizing different types of grating, cable tray, ladder, and all other steel structures

-              Providing counseling in the design and commissioning of hot dip galvanizing lines in different capacities





Zinc Chloride and Flux Production

This unit is the biggest producer of Zinc Chloride and fluxes in Iran with  3000  tons per year The producing processis completely according to international standards and  this  products mostly use  in:   Hot Dip Galvanizing industries, Radiators production, and batteries production, water treatment, etc.



Pipe Sales & Marketing Department


Utilizing the existing experiences and technical knowledge to achieve the goals and facilitate customer

service, this unit began its activity in 2015 to procure all steel sections including pipes, cornerstones,

and profiles of different sizes and thicknesses.

It is worth mentioning that we are also active in the field of pipes including industrial welded pipes , water

supply pipes, greenhouse pipes, scaffold pipes, and Mannesmann pipes, of the galvanized type and in

black, in all sizes, thicknesses, and categories.



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Address: unit 9-No 43-Fathi shaghaghi St-vali-e-asr ave-Tehran-Iran
Tel: +982188708830-88706997
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