Zinc Chloride and Flux Production





Zinc Chloride and Flux Production


This unit is the biggest producer of Zinc Chloride and fluxes in Iran with  3000  tons per year The producing process is completely according to international standards and  this  products mostly use  in:   Hot   Dip   Galvanizing   industries, Radiators production, and batteries production, water treatment, etc.

Hydrochloric Acid Unit

Hydrochloride acid solution 28-30% with capacity  of  4000  tons  annually  with  lowest  disturb elements  such  as iron, sulfate ion, and etc, which mostly use in Galvanizing industries,  detergents petrochemical and  refinery  sites,metal industries, etc.,



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Address: unit 9-No 43-Fathi shaghaghi St-vali-e-asr ave-Tehran-Iran
Tel: +982188708830-88706997
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