Grating and steel structures








This   section   has   been   established   to   design    and  manufacture gratings due to the requirements of all  kinds of  industry.  Gratings  as  metal  flooring   products   have many advantages  such  as:  good  slip  resistance,  great resistance to surface impact, low cost, etc. Different kinds of  gratings  are  used  in  power   stations,   oil   and   gasrefineries, chemical and petrochemical plants marine  and ship   manufacturing   industries,   sewerages,    treatment plants, grain silos and as trafficable drain grates and  stair treads. Welded steel grating is the  most  economical  and popular  product  which  provides  a  comfortable   walking surface with nearly 80 percent  open  area.  Manufactured from  ASTM - 1011  carbon  steel,   welded   gratings   are recommended. For nearly all industrial flooring application   






Metal Bar Grating (steel)

This type of grating has the highest

consumption rate which is manufactured

without any limitation all of the company

produced gratings have the folowing

standard specificatinos:




Electroforge grating

in this type of grating , carrier &connector

are forged together using high voltage and high

pressure (more than 100 tones)

Stainless steel grating

This type of grating is manufactured using

argon welding steel sheet 304 and is the

most proper option for applications in hygenic

environment and food industries

Stair tread

Stair tread are produced in various sizes and

dimensions with stair guard and crowned sheet

Galvanized coating

It is according to ASTM123 with minimum

thickness of 80 micron which is passed through

all coating tests.


Pipe Sales & Marketing Department


Utilizing the existing experiences and technical knowledge to achieve the goals and facilitate customer service, this unit began its activity in 2015 to procure all steel sections including pipes, cornerstones and profiles of different sizes and thicknesses It is worth mentioning that we are also active in the field of pipes including industrial welded pipes , water supply pipes, greenhouse pipes, scaffold pipes, and Mannesmann pipes, of the galvanized type and in black, in all sizes, thicknesses, and categories..,


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